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Man catches TWO octopuses with his bare hands after using ancient technique

The octopus was captured in Andersons Bay Inlet on New Zealand's South Island

Andersons Bay, NEW ZEALAND — A man has captured two octopuses with his bare hands from waters on New Zealand's South Island. 

Samoan tourist Seleselelimalelei Lavea was spending time with his family in Dunedin, when they headed down to Andersons Bay Inlet.

It was there the two octopuses were spotted, with Lavea filming the moment each octopus was retrieved from the water.

Nafatali Tuaitai, a Samoan living in Dunedin, was captured on camera standing almost knee-deep in the water, clapping his hands to entice the octopus to the surface by creating a vibration.

Other family members, including Lavea, joined in with the clapping, before Tuaitai wads further into the water. 

Not long after, Tuaitai reaches in, grabs the octopus and swiftly pulls it out of the water.

Another octopus which also came close to the surface was also retrieved by Tuaitai.

A  video of the events posted on Facebook has been viewed about 150,000 times and shared by almost 2000 people.

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