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Elder O. Vincent Haleck: 'The Heart of the Widow'

Elder O. Vincent Haleck [Deseret News]

“Let us join as worldwide Saints in doing that which is necessary to have the widow’s heart,” said Elder O. Vincent Haleck, a General Authority Seventy, during the Saturday afternoon session of general conference on Sept. 30.

Elder Haleck referenced the widow who the Savior observed throw her two mites into the treasury. “Even though her two mites were a meager contribution, to the Savior, her gift was of supreme value, because she gave everything,” he said. “In that moment the Savior fully knew the widow, for her gift showed Him her heart. The quality, and depth, of her love and faith were such that she gave knowing that her ‘want’ would be supplied.”

Elder Haleck shared three stories of “widow hearts” — of people who, despite difficulty, determined to give their all to the Savior.

The first story he shared was about an older couple whose decision to be baptized changed every aspect of their lives — their employment, social standing, important friendships and support of their family.

The second experience he shared was about a Samoan village chief who opened his village to the Church after years of prohibiting missionaries to teach in the area.

“This leader was willing to relinquish years of tradition, confront much opposition and stand firm so that others might be blessed,” he said.

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