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Academic calls for review of Samoan Quota ballot

Paul Spoonley [Photo: RNZ]

Wellington, NEW ZEALAND — New Zealand Immigration should review the Samoan Quota ballot because of record numbers of people applying, an academic says.

The ballot is open to Samoan nationals aged between 18 and 45. 1100 names of people are drawn annually who can then apply for residency.

In 2012, applications for the Samoan quota were just over 7000 but in the last round a record 16,500 applied.

Massey University's Paul Spoonley said a review was needed given Samoa's fast growing population and New Zealand's unique relationship with the country under the Treaty of Friendship.

"I think it really needs to be looked at very carefully because I think it is just inappropriate in 2018 that we've got so many Samoan wanting to come here to New Zealand and we need them, we need the labour," Professor Spoonley said.

"When you think about the Samoan population that is here in New Zealand these days, it is very large and growing larger by the year and the quota system is one of the few opportunities you get to relocate members of your family into New Zealand."

Samoans whose numbers were drawn from this year's ballot can now lodge their formal applications for a residence visa.

One of the toughest requirements for securing the visa is having a genuine job offer.