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Source: Le Fetuao Samoan Language Center

The 2017 Hawaiʻi Samoa Youth Symposium slated for tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 23) will bring together Samoan youth in the state of Hawaiʻi, family members, community members, church communities in Hawaiʻi, educators, community groups, students, artists, and cultural practitioners in order to create learning environments for Samoan youth that will perpetuate the language and culture of Samoa.  

The symposium is spearheaded by Le Fetuao SLC, and co-sponsored by the University of Hawaiʻi’s Indo-Pacific Languages and Literature department of UH Manoa, Department of Psychology, and Pacific International Training Desk. It is partially funded by the City & County of Honolulu Community Services grants in aid awarded to Le Fetuao SLC.

Keynote speaker is American Samoa’s Hotavia Gingerlei Porter. Gingerlei is from Auasi, Am. Samoa and is the Associate Director of the Pacific International Training Desk working with various weather services throughout the Pacific Region. She is also a PhD student with the Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning at the Univ. of Hawaii.

This one-day youth symposium takes place Saturday from 8a.m. -2:30p.m. at the University of Hawai‘i at the Shidler Business Building, Room - 101

 The program is designed to:

1. Promote the value of learning Gagana Samoa & Aganuʻu (Samoan Language & Culture) and its importance in the 21st century.

2.   Provide a space for young researchers and college students to share their work in the community.

3.   Provide an opportunity for youth to engage with Aʻoga Samoa (Samoan Schools) based in Hawaiʻi that teach the Samoan language and culture.

AFIO MAI I LE 2017 FONO MO TUPULAGA: Please join us at the 2017 HawaiʻI Samoa Youth Symposium


The 2017 Hawaiʻi Samoa Youth Symposium is a concept developed by Le Fetuao Samoan Language Center (Le Fetuao SLC) as part of its sustainability plan to further enhance its community-based Samoan language and culture program.  The mission of Le Fetuao SLC is to increase literacy of the Samoan language among our community’s children, youth, and parents while also contributing towards the understanding of Samoan culture and the development of Samoan identity.