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A Rare and Delightful Opportunity

It was like any other October day for Samoans in Fort Knox, Kentucky, this past Wedneday on the 26th, so news traveled fast of a free show to be performed on-post the same day by U.S. Army Soldiers. It was a delight to be informed that a Samoan soldier was among the cast.

Two separate shows were planned and the last one was scheduled at 8 p.m. It was the only chance left to witness yet another opportunity provided by the U.S. Army Soldier Show for all soldiers and their families on Fort Knox.

Once a year the soldiers travel to selected installations to perform, free of charge, for the military community. This year, it has been a proud moment to know that a son of Samoa was one of the performers. PFC Erik M. Tue not only sang solos but he also wowed the crowd with a Haka routine.

PFC Tue is a 92A-Automated Logistics Supply Specialist of the Army National Guard, in Salt Lake City, Utah. On his profile in the 2011 U.S. Army Soldier Show brochure it mentions that the inspiration to perform came from his parents.

His father was a singer and his mother a Polynesian dancer. He also shared how important it is to dispense awareness to the children of American Samoa that there are countless opportunities in the armed forces, and the U.S. Army Soldier Show is one of them. He demonstrated his talents and as Samoans, we were privileged to have witness it.

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