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Race starts early; Manulele Tausala #1 wins over Aeto

Nu’uuli village fautasi Manulele Tausala #1, took first place at the 2014 Flag Day Fautasi Race, followed by Aeto of Pago Pago, in second place, according to the official results announced by Lualemaga Faoa, chairman of the Fautasi Race Committee, on KVZK-TV just minutes after the race.


The battle for first place was intense as Nu’uuli and Pago Pago battled in the last minutes of the race. Aeto came all the way from behind at 5th place not long into the race to battle with Manulele Tausala #1, which won by a few rows.


Knowing that they were about to win, some Manulele Tausala rowers, started cheering as supporters on the shoreline screamed and yelled for victory.


“There were no problems at all during this exciting race,” Lualemaga said, and expressed support to Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga, who is watching the race from Honolulu via KVZK-TV live stream online.


For the rest of the results: 3rd place Paepaeulupo’o; 4th place Fuao of Vatia; 5th place Fetu o le Afiafi of Fagaalu; 6th place Manulele Tausala II of Nu’uuli; 7th place Matasaua of the Manu’a islands; 8th place Fealofani Samoa III of Fagasa; 9th place Fa’asaulala of Vailoatai; and 10th place Iseula o le Moana of Fagatogo.


On a beautiful sunny late Wednesday morning coupled with slight trade winds, the 2014 Flag Day fautasi race got underway just after 11a.m. although the race was set to start at 12-noon.


The Fautasi Race Committee had originally announced the race to start at 1p.m.; then yesterday it was changed to 12-noon, with all fautasi teams to be at the starting line by 11:30a.m. However, local broadcasters started announcing that all teams were at the starting line before 11a.m.


See tomorrow’s edition for complete details of the race. Samoa News online and Facebook will provide more photos as well as any updates.