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OFU VILLAGE, Manu’a Islands — A collective sigh of happiness was heard by Chiefs and Orators of Ofu and Olosega villages in Manu’a during the opening of the government offices in Ofu for the residents of Manu'a.


L.t Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga came to Ofu in the government’s plane accompanied by Manu’a District Governor, Misa’alefua John Hudson, who’s also Ofu’s Paramount Chief, and Senator Laolagi Savali Vaeao, the Paramount Chief of Sili.


Attending the opening ceremony were members of the cabinet, chiefs and orators of Ofu and Olosega, and government employees residing in Ofu and Olosega. The Executive Office Building for Ofu and Olosega is now located at the Ofu Airport. The Governor’s office, Homeland Security, Port Administration, Fire Crash and Department of Public Safety are now all located at the airport.


The event opened with a prayer by Reverend Elder To’oto’o Seanoa of the CCCAS Church. “Any project with God at the forefront… will succeed,” said Rev To’oto’o. He said God has assisted in everything, including the opening of government offices in Manu’a, by placing a great leader who saw the need for the offices in order to provide service for the people. He then conducted the blessing invocation for the new EOB.


The cutting of the ribbon for the official opening of the new offices was performed by Manu’a District Governor, Misaalefua John Hudson. “Thank you, thank you, thank you — this is what we dreamt about because it was there once before and it was then taken away… yet is has been restored and we are thankful for the opening of the government offices to provide the services to the people.” He also thanked Governor Lolo and Lt. Governor Lemanu for their commitment to the people of Manu’a.


The second EOB is located at the Ofu Wharf, which houses Department of Human Resources, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce. At the EOB located at the wharf, the DOA sells goods for the farmers in Olosega and Ofu. Inside the DOA offices there could be seen fertilizer, seeds, equipment, weed killing chemicals and various barn tools for farmers. Lealao assured that the farmers in Ofu and Olosega will pay the same amount as the farmers on Tutuila island pay for their goods.


The Lt. Governor and cabinet members also visited Olosega Elementary School to see the renovations done at the school by employees of the American Samoa Power Authority. The school — which has close to 100 students for the first time — will be able to utilize their computer room, with 20 brand new Mac computers and smart boards which they were not able to use until the computer lab had installed their air conditioner.


Following the site visit to the Olosega Elementary School, a brief welcoming ava ceremony was held in Olosega by the village council with a luncheon afterwards, where the guests were treated to the freshest seafood with an assortment of various Samoan delicacies, including faiai fe’e, (octopus in coconut cream) oka, faiai amaama (miniature crab baked in coconut cream), moa Samoa (Samoan chicken) and other delicious Samoan dishes.