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Project to build resilience for Samoa coast areas

A multi-million-tala project to enhance the resilience of coastal communities of Samoa to climate change will be launched tomorrow.The launching will involve the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the United Nations Development Programme in Samoa.The programme is funded through the Adaptation Fund with a total of US$8,048,250 ($17.6million) and its main objective is to provide a country-wide approach to climate change adaptation in coastal areas and enhance the resilience of the country to climate change.It will provide the vehicle to implement the approved Coastal Infrastructure Management (CIM) Plans on the ground and it will be closely coordinated with the World Bank Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience.These two projects together will cover the complete coastline of Samoa in Upolu and Savai’i.The impacts of recent events, like Cyclone Evan in December 2012, have underlined the vulnerability of the country to climate change and the need to design adaptation strategies that strengthen the livelihoods of our communities.Only by building resilience to climate change will they be able to look ahead.