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Prison corruption crackdown in Hawaii could lead to more arrests

The crack down on corruption at Halawa prison will likely mean more arrests.Hawaii News Now has learned that up to a dozen workers at the state's maximum security prison are being targeted.That comes on the heels of the recent arrest of prison guard James Sanders, who is accused of smuggling in crystal meth to prisoners.Prison officials confirm that they are working closely with the FBI and the Honolulu Police to weed out corruption.It's all part of an investigation that began more than a year ago when the prisons chief Ted Sakai was forced to deal with a series of embarrassing security lapses.We have now learned that the investigation that netted last week's indictment of Sanders was partly triggered by the 2012 arrest of a fellow guard.That guard, John Joseph Kalei Hall, admitted to smuggling cigarettes to members of the USO prison gang.Another longtime guard, Feso Malufau, faces charges of distributing marijuana and crystal meth to USO members.Prison reform advocates blame the problem on underfunding and prison overcrowding.