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Possibility of two teams tie in Men's Division Cricket Championship

There is a possibility of a two-way tie in the men's championship title game of the Samoan cricket round robin champion tournament on going this week at Faga'alu Park.

Teams in the tournament are Tama o le Mua'au of Faleniu; Pisisami of Vaitogi, Mosi'ula of Masefau and Manu'ula of Vatia.

These teams competing in the tournament, are the remaining ones from the rest of sixteen teams that competed in the slots for the top four teams.

Tama o le Mua'au won their first game against the Mosi'ula on Saturday, while Manu'ula won their first game against Pisisami on Monday afternoon.

The Tama o le Mua'au easily defeated the Mosi'ula by their fielding and bowling after they batted in a 104-points effort.

Their fielding was magnificent and bowling was outstanding throughout the game especially with bowlers Ulala and Logi.

Ulala was great with his excellent bowlers in his timing  and makes the batters difficult to hit, with their fielding exceptionally good.

Their catching was marvelous, their long  ball catching was steady and never lost a hitting fly ball.

Their wicket-keeper, Uale and Tupu were superb who were not letting batters left the crease line, which is always the better stance for every good batter in every batters efforts, batted in the front on the crease line where they had a batter place to bat from.

Mosi'ula was a very lucky team is their fielding and bowling as they battled to stop the Tama o le Mua'au from batting more points, when Mosi'ula bowler Vaitogi finally put an end to the impressive hitting of the most improved batter this year, Ruvino, a Tama o le Mua'au  player.

He had a single bowl against Ruvino and took him a single fast bowls to got him out, through a wicket knock down before the batter hits it.

Ruvino had an average of 35.4 points batted in a game in every game of this cricket season. The Tama o le Mua'au had stepped up and had proved to every team, they had not rely on other players, but were on a mission to win.

Mosi'ula had their chances at bat, but had difficult time with Tama o le Mua'au bowlers, Ulala and Logi who manage to take control of the game in Mosi'ula batting effort.

They had batted in 57 points with their 19 outs against the 104 points scored by the Tama o le Mua'au.

The Tama o el Mua'au have a (1-0) and Mosi'ula had a (0-1) so far in the starts of the their round robin tournament.