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Port wants 2008 plan for Aunu’u & Auasi harbors revisited

Port Director, Taimalelagi Dr Claire Tuia Poumele, is asking the District Engineer of the US Army Corp of Engineers, LTC Charles Klinge, to revisit the Port’s 2008 plan for technical assistance and improvements to the Aunu’u and Auasi Small Boat Harbors.


The letter was sent last week after Representative Talaimatai Su’a Esera appealed to the Port Director to look into concerns that have been raised by the OPAD Director, for the Port to comply with ADA (American Disabilities Act) ensuring that the wharfs in both Auasi and Aunu’u are accessible for the disabled.


Talamatai, in two separate letters to the Port Director, pointed out that there’s much needed repairs on both docks, given that there have been recent incidences where passengers making their way to the boats have slipped on the stairs and sustained minor and serious injuries.


In her letter to the Army Corps, Poumele stated that — as noted in 2008 and up to this date — the vessels utilizing the two harbors are subject to rough waters as they navigate into and out of the harbors, particularly at the Auasi wharf. The Port Director also pointed out in her letter that an alia vessel sank on July 5, 2013 when entering Auasi Harbor, but fortunately all passengers survived the ordeal.


Poumele further asked for a study to investigate the possibility of re-designing the harbor channel locations given the government is looking at purchasing a new vessel to serve Aunu’u Island; and, as such, this study would be essential for the improvement of the two wharfs to accommodate the new vessel.