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Police Commish reshuffles MCSAP personnel following federal review & audit

Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety William Haleck, in an order issued on July 31, made personnel changes within the DPS Office of Motor Carrier which were to be effective August 12.


In the order, Haleck noted that the Hawaii Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) visited DPS this summer to conduct an annual review, as is usual, for the Office of Motor Carrier. "Along with the review, an audit was also conducted to determine allowable personnel cost," Haleck wrote. "In the entire process, it was identified that there was a need for personnel change."


The changes include the transferring of Sinatoga Moliga to the Office of Motor Vehicles, where she is to report to Commander Lee Vaouli for her new assignment. In addition, Asulu Faleafine-Solo has assumed temporary duty as the coordinator for the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) for a period of 90 days, during which time she will be evaluated "to determine performance level on responsibility, capability, leadership, and the ability to excel," the order notes.


Faleafine-Solo's evaluation is to be conducted by Fred Scanlan — who is currently assisting the program—and supervised by the DPS Deputy Commissioner. The 90-day period started on July 22 and a follow-up memorandum will determine the outcome of Faleafine-Solo's evaluation.


Haleck also ordered that Scanlan, who is currently the program coordinator for the Office of Highway Safety, "will continue to assist MCSAP primarily with the SafetyNet and financial reports, until such position is filled."


Furthermore, "All assigned sworn officers and Meleane Semeatu will remain unchanged in their duties and responsibilities."


Haleck continued, "Support Services will prepare all necessary documentation to ensure we comply with personnel actions (i.e. Forms 48 and 35) and others, if applicable for the program loss."


The Police Commissioner concluded, "This change will leave vacancies for a Fiscal Officer and Safetynet Technician in the Motor Carrier Program, with an additional two civilians that will be advertised soon."


Copies of the Commissioner's order were forwarded to the FMCSA HI Division Administrator Sharon P.N. Cravalho, and those on the DPS distribution list.