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Pizza Hut closes doors, temporarily laying off 22 workers

The local franchise of Pizza Hut restaurant has temporarily closed its doors effective yesterday and just over 20 employees are now without jobs.


“After ten years of serving American Samoa”, Pizza Hut American Samoa says it has been advised that their “Franchise Agreement with Yum Restaurants International is expiring” and therefore  Pizza Hut will be temporarily closed effective yesterday, according to a news release yesterday morning by the local franchise owner.


“Local Shareholders are now negotiating a new agreement with Yum Restaurants International in order to reopen both KFC and Pizza Hut in the near future,” the statement says. “Pizza Hut wishes to thank its loyal customers for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.”


KFC and Pizza Hut franchises are among the many local businesses owned by the Otto Haleck Sr. family. In early February this year, the local KFC American Samoa franchise owner announced the temporary closure of the restaurant after ten years of service in the territory, as the franchise agreement with Yum Restaurant International had expired.


The local owners said at the time that negotiations were underway for a new franchise agreement for the KFC restaurant. Both KFC and Pizza Hut are located at the same compound in the Tafuna Industrial Park. KFC had employed 14 workers while there were 22 at Pizza Hut, which has been very popular with local residents due to its delivery service to home and offices.


Besides KFC and Pizza Hut, Yum Restaurant International (YRI) brands include Taco Bell restaurants, according to the company’s website. Based in Dallas, Texas, YRI is the largest division of Yum! Brands Inc., which is home based in Louisville.