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Photos: I’a Lapo’a Day 2: New Zealand continues to top the Country Standings

Day Two of this year’s Steinlarger 14th International I’a Lapo’a Game Fishing Tournament has the Kiwi’s leading the scoreboard ahead of the other 10 boats. During the weigh-in on Tuesday, Bonavista II of American Samoa also made a statement to the competitors that they are the big deal this year, as they reeled the heaviest weights so far in the tourney — but still not enough to give them the points they need to move ahead of Brave Hart of New Zealand.




New Zealand tops the charts with Brave Hart leading the way with 780 pts and with the other 5 NZ boats, total Country points are 1425; American Samoa comes in second with Bonavista II leading the four local boats with 328.6 for an overall of 798.4; and Samoa comes in 3rd with its only boat Kingfisher II with 460 pts.




Top Three are:

1            Brave Hart, captain Clyde Fraser of NZ leads with 780 points, Weight 27.2, Catch Count 7

2            Kingfisher II, captain Alfred of Samoa, in second place with 460 points, no weight listed, Catch Count 3

3            Bonavista II, captain Andy Wearing of American Samoa with 328.6 points, Weight 328.6, Catch Count 10


Landed catch in Day 2, include Masi Masi, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Tag & Release were Blue Marlin, Sailfish and Short Billed.


DAY 2:


MASI MASI — Top angler is Andrew Schollum of Kai Time (NZ) 21.6 weight; 21.6 pts, however Glen Newman of Game Keeper (NZ) leads with his 27.8 weight catch on Monday, for 27.8 pts. Mitch Shimasaki of Sau I’a (AS) is 3rd with 19.2 weight and pts. caught on Day 2.




Russ Cox of Bonavista II (AS) adds to his lead from Day 1 of 29.4 weight and pts for Day 2 catch of 17.2 weight and pts, which continued his number one spotlight. New Zealand angler Patrick Wilock of Te Ururoa (NZ) has been the only Kiwi to bring in a wahoo as of Day 2 for 15.6 weight and points.




The biggest fish caught on Day No.2 of the tournament was lured in by Captain Andy Wearing of the Bonavista II (AS), with the boat topping the scale with the heaviest captures brought to scale over a period of 2 days.


Eins Hagedorn as of now ranks No.2, with 49.4lbs and Wearing tops the category with his 100.2lbs Yellow Fin. Sam Fuamatu is ranked No.3 with 46.6lbs, and all three anglers are from the same boat — the Bonavista II.




As of Day 2, there are six boats tied at 200 points in the Tag and Release Category of the Blue Marlin: The Kingfisher II; Brave Hart; Sau I’a; Girlfriend; Reel Cat and Kai Time


For Sailfish anglers Darrin Spillane of Girlfriend (NZ) and Jon Bain of Te Ururoa both earned 60pts, and for Short Billed anglers Alfred Schwalger of Kingfisher II (Samoa), Jamie Lee of Adrenalin (NZ) and Christine Elmiger of Brave Hart (NZ) all earned 60 pts. On Day 1, only David J.A. Watt of Brave Hart (NZ) tagged and released Short Billed — two of them, to earn 60 pts for both.


Total Weight of Fish Caught:            490.6 lbs or 223.0 kgs.            Total Points:            2683.4 pts.


The Women’s and Juniors’ category of the competition concluded yesterday with a one-day special — Preliminary Day 3 result, details tomorrow:

Biggest fish: Rochelle Reid - 255.8 lbs., Blue Marlin


Top Barracuda: Anthony - 23.8 lbs., Happi Hooka


Top Tuna: Ana Mahoney - 12.6 lbs., Dogtooth, Bonavista II


Top GT: Jackie Young - 19.2 lbs., Bonavista II


Sailfish tag and release: Rose (toolshop), Bonavista II


Top Wahoo: Margie Tafiti - 28 lbs., Bonavista II


Top Junior: Anthony, Happi Hooka, 23.8 lbs. Wahoo


Top Lady: Rochelle Reid, Sau Ia, 255.8 lbs. Blue Marlin