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Peti Key’s trial begins in Samoa

The trial of prominent musician, Peti Key who is accused of rape and related charges against three girls, started yesterday in the Supreme Court.Presiding over the hearing is Justice Malosi Ida Fuimaono.Mr. Key is represented by lawyer, Shane Wulf while Phaedra Valoia and Rexona Titi, of the Attorney General’s office, are representing the complainants.In the three separate incidents, Mr. Key pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape and one count of attempted rape. He also denied two charges of indecent assault, one count of threatening words, one charge of obstructing police and one of driving an unlicensed vehicle.The youngest complainant is 17-years-old. The other complainants are an 18-year-old and a20-year-old. The first complainant gave evidence yesterday.On 6th June 2012,the 20-year-old told the Court that she received a phone call from the defendant who wanted her to go out with him.According to her,she knew Mr. Key from the recording of a CD some time ago.“He told me we were going to Farmer Joe’s but we didn’t. He took me to Lotopa where he went intoSiaosi’s (shop),” she recalled. “I asked him where we were going and he said we are going to Tuana’imato to wait for the mechanic to fix the car.“We stopped at the golf course under a tree and then he went to the rear of the van where he lay down and called me to come to him.“I replied saying no, but he asked me again to come.“I went to the back where he tried to lay me down next to him and tried to take my clothes off.“I told him no, but he said no one is looking, it will be quick.“It was there that he held me down with his other hand and tried to force himself into me as I tried to push him away...I felt scared.”Afterwards, the complainant saidMr. Key went to the front of the van and said he was looking for a small knife.“I asked him what the knife was for and his reply was he will use it on anyone who would lie to him, including me,” she said.According to the complainant,not long after, a police vehicle pulled up to where they were.“When I saw the police car, I asked Peti why they were there and he said he didn’t know. I heard the officer telling Peti that they neededto take him in because they had a matter they wanted him for.“So they took us to the police station and a woman constable spoke with me and told me I had to go to the hospital for an examination right away.”In his cross examination, Mr. Wulf asked the complainant, “Why didn’t you scream when he tried to rape you or run to the Samoa Land Corporation office that was not far away for help?”