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Peteli Academy thanks ACE for 'Helpful Hands'

In November of last year, ACE American Industries program, the ‘2011 Helpful Hands’ program, formerly known as, ‘New Faces for Helpful Places’, awarded donations of building materials up to $10,000 (which included electrical, plumbing, lumber, paint, etc.) for repairs of public and private schools.

It’s one of ACE’s most anticipated community programs, which highlights the company’s efforts to give back to the community that has made it the business success story it is today. One of the three schools awarded donations of building materials, totaling $5,000, was Peteli Academy, located in Ottoville.

Peteli Academy, which is part of the First Samoan Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Inc., held a thanksgiving ceremony this past Saturday morning for ACE American Industries, as they were one of the recipients of last year’s ‘2011 Helpful Hands’ program.

The two ACE Representatives who were at the ceremony on behalf of ACE American Industries were Vaipuna Tia and Filipe Aporosa, where a special award was given to the ACE American Industries.

Peteli Academy Principal Cathy Faoa-Danielson said, “The ACE Helpful hands program every year has an essay writing contest in which students answer the question, ‘Why your School Deserves A Makeover" and we were blessed with first place. We received $5,000, but with a 25% discount it totaled up to $6,000. We used that money to renovate our whole school facilities. We changed screen wires, changed tiles, fixed windows, fixed desks and everything else we could think of to better the school."

“We are here today to have this ceremony to thank ACE for what they have done and to most importantly thank God for the opportunity that have, as we are a faith-based school,” she said.

This is the sixth year that ACE has awarded donations of building materials and supplies to schools in the territory. Last November, during their award donation ceremony, ACE also awarded building materials and supplies to Pacific Horizons school worth $3,000 and Iakina Seventh Day Adventist Academy worth $2,000. ACE also extended another 25% discount on all products for each winning school, extending the amount of materials for each of the winners.