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Pearl Harbor survivor returns home to Oahu

Born on the Ewa Plains of Oahu, WW II US Army 298th Infantry member, Simon Nasario returned home to Hawaii earlier this week from his current Barstow, Calif residence to participate in ceremonies commemorating the Japanese attack on Hawaii, December 7, 1941.


 Nasario was inducted on Nov 14, 1941 and completed his US Army bootcamp on Dec 5 and  the time of the attack just two days later, Simon was with fellow bootcamp graduates in a tent on Scholfield Barracks’ North Range, preparing to leave base for his first liberty when his group was strafed by enemy aircraft gunfire.


When asked what was he was feeling upon returning, the 95 year old Army Veteran commented, "I am not sad, I am not happy, we will just see how things go."


Simon was born near what became the Marine Corp Ewa Airfield on October 18, 1918.  He was Honorably Discharged from the US Army on Dec 14, 1945, after serving as his company commander's chauffeur.


The pilot and passengers on the Delta Airlines flight on which he returned home honored him as a Pearl Harbor survivor with a loud ovation.