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Pase plea agreement: no further prosecution for Mine Pase or co-conspirators

Three individuals linked to the federal case against Mine S.Pase will not be prosecuted because the former executive director of the American Samoa Special Services Commission (ASSSC) has entered into a plea agreement wherein she has pled guilty to conspiracy to steal more than $325,000 in AmeriCorps grant funds provided for ASSSC.This information - revealed in the 14-page plea agreement between the U.S.Justice Department's Criminal Division Public Integrity Section and Pase - was signed Oct.13 and filed last week at the federal court in Washington D.C. where the defendant entered the guilty plea.By Pase's acceptance of the plea agreement and entering a guilty plea, the federal government \agrees that it will not further prosecute the defendant\ in any other crimes in this case and that the government will not further prosecute her for any conduct of the defendant now known to the Public Integrity Section and the law enforcement agents working on the present investigation, the plea agreement says.In addition, the government \agrees that it will not prosecute Samalaulu Favaaia