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Partnership helps Evan victims with their water needs

A partnership between a number of organisations is helping to address some of the water issues for thousands of victims of Cyclone Evan.ADRA, Samoa Red Cross, Samoa Water Authority, the Disaster Management Office and Oxfam have been working to ensure Samoans receive purified water for consumption.Pacific Humanitarian Manager of Oxfam, Carlos Calderon and Humanitarian Coordinator, Nick Tids well have been providing the team with expert advise on water issues.Oxfam has been trucking water to different parts of the country shortly after Cyclone Evan struck.Carlos Calderon says the disaster has been a great opportunity to workwith ADRA as they have “common work and ideas supporting water distribution with purified and safe drinking water.”As a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that specialises in water and sanitation, Oxfam’s objective was to distribute 30,000 liters of water to those in need.So far, they have surpassed their objective of 30,000 litres as they have delivered 457,695 litres of purified water since 23 December 2012.Both Calderon and Tidswell agree that their biggest concern at the moment is water quality. That’s why they advise the public to boil the water before usage.