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Parks & Rec set to host Tri-Sport competitions in February

The Department of Parks and Recreation would like the public to know about the upcoming ‘2012 Open Tri-Sport Competition’ for anyone 16 years of age and older, with seven members per team, slated for next month February to be held on the 4th and the 6th, at the Lions Park in Tafuna, with other ‘Tri-Sport Competitions’ planned for later in the month.

In the February 4 and February 6 competitions, the sports involved will be Beach Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball, according to Ken Tupua of the Department of Parks and Recreation, which is hosting the event.

“We want to have the community participate in these different Parks and Recreation programs that we are putting out there at this time. Hopefully throughout the year, we will be doing more,” said Tupua.

“Even though the competition is for anyone 16 years and older, we would like to see a lot of the older people out there as well and not just all young people. This is for everyone. There are older men and women out there that can still compete and we encourage them to form a team and come out along with the younger ones,” he said.

Other ‘Tri-Sport Competition’ events that are planned for the month of February, will begin February 25 and end on March 31. Those will be competitions for Table Tennis, Baseball, Golf and Tennis, with other events to include Canoeing, Kayaking and Board Paddling, with starting dates to be announced for those later events.

Currently, there are two young table tennis players, Teoni Teoni, high school students, training with the American Samoa Table Tennis Association at the Solaita Baseball field. Both will be competing at the Open Tri-Sports Competition next month. The Table Tennis tournament will be held on Feb. 4th.

“We might be going to New Zealand for a big tournament there in May or June and hopefully we can keep playing and getting experience by going to different competitions. We invite anyone who wants to learn how to play, to come out to the Solaita Baseball field where we practice. We want competition so we can get better and teach other players the game of table tennis. There will be table tennis competition on Saturday February 4, here at the baseball field, that we hope will have a lot of competitors,” said Teoni and Tupua.

For more information on the upcoming ‘2012 Open Tri-Sports Competition’ or the Table Tennis competition, call 699-9513, 252-6659 or 258-9145.