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Fort Hood soldiers share some good times with Aumua Amata

Fort Hood, TEXAS — Congresswoman Aumua Amata recently visited and shared a meal at Fort Hood with American Samoa's military active duty and retirees including Ed and Sina Hernandez; Rosita Luapene of Tafuna; Faga Pa'au of Fitiuta Manu'a; Pauulu Lelauti; Agaiotupu Tuiolemotu; Iosefatu Taua'a; Tualua Tofili Ma'ae; Liuapaogo Tuisalia; Pelenato Alaimaleata of Alofau; Scott Uini; Eddison Fa'atau of Aoloau; Floyd Talamoni of Afao and Aua; Tinei Fuimaono Nanai of Petesatai; and Andrew Lamositele of Tafuna.

At the conclusion of her visit, Darrel L. Werner, Commanding General of the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, thanked Amata for her visit saying, “Your unwavering support of our Veterans, their families and our local community does not go without notice… we are lucky to have such great leadership.”