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Origin Energy donates to victims of Cyclone Evan

Origin Energy-American Samoa has made a donation of gas ranges, gas stoves and other items for those effected by Cyclone Evan in our sister islands of Samoa. The donation left the territory yesterday afternoon on the Lady Naomi.

“We decided to get together and make a contribution to the victims of Cyclone Evan in Samoa,” said Origin Energy Country Manager for American Samoa, Richard Young “We have managed, with full support of our parent company in Australia, to make a donation of approximately $15,000 worth of cooking equipment,” he said.

Young explained that they managed to get Samoa Shipping to waive the freight and the government agreed to waive all of the import duty as well in support of this effort. They are working with the local EMO in Samoa as they have already designated recipients for all of the donated cooking equipment.

“We should be shipping it over today (Wednesday) via Lady Naomi and coordinating with our partners in Sogi at Samoa Origin Energy, who will be consolidating their goods with ours and distributing as well.” said Young, adding “ I would like at this time to send out my heartfelt condolences to all of those families and individuals affected by this tragic event.”

Samoa News also spoke to Origin Energy’s Marketing Manager Ethan Lake, who said, “When this happened over in Samoa, Richard Young immediately asked what items we had that we were able to put together to donate and that is when I came up with an item list worth just over $10,000 in appliances of single burners, double burners and grills,” said Lake. Lake explained that Young pushed for approval all the way to their corporate office in Australia and by yesterday the donation’s worth had gone up to approximately $15,000.

Lake explained that Origin Energy in Sogi, Samoa will be adding to the donation and the $15,000 worth of donations from Origin Energy American Samoa comes out to 200 individual units that will be helping out 200 families.

“Origin Energy in Samoa will be donating cylinders for each one of these appliances along with the gas so that these families will be fully equipped, and they will be able to start cooking,” said Lake.

Together, Origin Energy in American Samoa and Samoa are estimated to donate around $25,000 in equipment and supplies.


The American Red Cross American Samoa Branch (ARCAS) is pleased to acknowledge with gratitude the partnership with Star Kist Samoa to assist in shipment of three containers of relief supplies from Hawaii for victims who suffered from Tropical Cyclone Evans in Samoa.  

“ARCAS is deeply appreciative to Star Kist Samoa, an active and longtime industry corporate community member, for its generous gesture of goodwill to provide transportation from Hawaii, to Samoa containers of donated relief supplies received from donors and contributors of the great state of Hawaii,” commented the chairman of ARCAS, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, who is also the territory’s newly elected governor.

“Our relief drive in Hawaii last month was met with great and generous response and to be able to have these items delivered to those that have been displaced and affected by the cyclone will help a great deal to rebuild their lives. We thank Mr. Brett Butler and the corporate family of Star Kist Samoa for the help to make this happen.  Your benevolent spirit, I am sure, will be forever appreciated by the direct beneficiaries of this unselfish deed,” concluded Lolo.