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Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on EOB restrooms. I have worked for ASG at the EOB for about 5 years and it is sad that the EOB bathrooms are in terrible shape. The smell and look are very unsanitary.

The janitors who work for the maintenance office are rude and very loud when informed that there is no toilet tissue for the ladies bathroom. I’ve had one of the ladies embarrass me in public  — in front of people who were waiting to take their immigration IDs — telling me loudly that they have no supplies (leai gi pepa ma gi mea faamagogi) and to use a piece of rag to handle my business.

It has gotten to the point where I will not use the restrooms at the EOB and wait until I get home or use the bathroom at the store behind EOB (they never run out of T.P. and are much cleaner than EOB).

And, when our office contacts maintenance we are told by an old man that “ua magava fafige.” I guess we are to hold wanting to use the bathroom from 2p.m. until we get home. How disgusting!

There should be janitorial services for the whole 8 hours of the day 7:30am to 4:00pm. People are still working till 4:00pm.

I come early in the morning to start my work and I see these ladies clean the bathrooms, but I do not understand what they are cleaning? Does the supervisor or whoever they report to even inspect the cleaning? It’s sad. Cause I see the same stains from last year still on the toilet seats.

This needs to be brought up to the governor’s attention. No one seems to want to say anything because his brother is the director. Governor Lolo please do something.

I hear a new EOB in Manu’a has been established (a 2-story big building with everything) let’s focus on the one we have here on Tutuila first before jumping to your island Governor.

With all due respect,

Disgusted EOB-ASG employee

[Editor’s Note: Samoa News does not usually publish letters without verifying the person signing the letter. We don’t run anonymous letters. However, I decided to run this one, because I tried to use the women’s EOB bathroom downstairs next to the Immigration Office and the Disbursing Office last week. And — IT WAS DISGUSTING — IT STANK!

The DoH should close the EOB down just based on this bathroom, alone, never mind the rats that hang out on the ATM machines on the weekend. GONG!. ra]