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Op-Ed:Mufi should be chosen

With voter registration for the primary closed, many folks will be marking absentee ballots soon for that election.

We'd urge all voters this year to study candidates closely to make sure they have qualities sorely needed in Washington, D.C., - the ability to listen to the other side, a willingness to compromise and a determination to work hard to find solutions to the economic problems that threaten our future.

One such candidate is running for the U.S. House 2nd Congressional District seat - Maui County's seat in the House of Representatives. Mufi Hannemann has worked in both Democratic and Republican national administrations. His support has a broad base, from labor unions to business associations.

The former Honolulu mayor has a vast array of experience. Most importantly - as his support base shows - he is interested in results. He believes in people working together. Yes, there will be differences of opinion, but the key to democracy is compromise - find the best possible solution that all sides can agree on. We believe he will be willing to work across party lines in Washington.

One key indicator to us of Hannemann's ability to work cooperatively was his endorsement by the last three mayors of Maui County - James "Kimo" Apana, Charmaine Tavares and Alan Arakawa. Now those three politicos may not agree on a lot of things, but one thing they did agree on was they enjoyed working with Mufi to find solutions for Hawaii's counties.