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One Love Concert brings Polynesians together

“Bluesky presents the One Love Tour” has reached American Samoa, and they have brought some of the very talented Pacific Artists who have worked very hard throughout the years to make a big name for themselves; and they are ready to blow out the youth of the territory with what they have put together for tonight’s concert.

The group of four was brought on island by Raymond Fruean, who is a businessman in Samoa, and he is looking forward to bringing the people in American Samoa together with this concert— the main purpose of the One Love Tour.

“We have on island one of the very strong and popular singers MZ. J who was the leading vocal for the Pacific Soul group. This is her second time on island but this will be her first time performing. We also have J. Williams, who is half Samoan and half Fijian. We also have Pieter T who is also a first timer here in the territory from Aotearoa, and last but not least we have Dawn Raid’s brightest new star, and his name is Swiss, he is a Tongan artist and this is also his first time on island.”

Fruean spoke of the roots of the name of the One Love Tour: “the One Love is a used and anonymous phrase from Bob Marley’s song called One Love, and in this instance and generally, this is the one love that people all share together as one people, the One Love that the two islands share between Upolu and Pago Pago.”

He added, “I know your Governor and the Prime Minister had a meeting not too long ago here on island trying to strengthen the ties between the two islands. Although we’re very close, we don’t usually do things together so I think it’s time to change that, and that is the One Love message that we are trying to send out to the people through music. I think music is something that not only ties us together as Samoans, but as Polynesians.”

Bluesky Chief Technology Office Puleleiite Jr. Tufele, on behalf of Bluesky sent out the company’s gratitude and thanks to everyone who has helped make this concert possible.