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OMV has new manager, Police Evidence Room a new custodian

Newly appointed Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, William Haleck has taken back DPS Captain Pierre Clemens, who was assigned to work with OTICIDE several years ago. Capt. Clemens is assigned to the Internal Affairs Division, and as collateral duty has been assigned to oversee the police Evidence Room. He is replacing Lt. Pele Uia as Evidence Custodian.

According to a memorandum issued last week, Haleck assigned Uia and Police officer Maualuga Misioka to the governor’s security detail. Lt. Uia and Officer Misioka are to report to Commander Alapati Fano for their assignments.

Haleck thanked Lt. Uia for his efforts in cleaning up the police evidence room and making sure the evidence seized remained safe and secure. Lt. Uia was told to work with Capt. Clemens to conduct a complete inventory of all evidence being held there.

In 2008, several police officers were charged after evidence went missing from the Evidence Room, and among those charged was the Evidence Custodian. The former custodian was charged along with five other officers in the missing evidence case, which led to the dismissal of a drug case.

The Appointed Commissioner also thanked outgoing DPS employee Fa’amausili Mau Jr. for his service as the head of Office of Motor Vehicles, and placed Commander Afui’ai Lee Vaouli to oversee the office. 

Last year June 6, then Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean appointed Commander Afui’ai Lee Vaouli as the new manager for OMV, noting that Fa’amausili’s contract with the DPS would not be renewed. However his appointment as OMV Manager was reinstated several days later, without explanation.