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Olympics of Pacific Culture: Guam prepares for arts fest

The days are counting down before Guam sends a delegation of more than 130 performers and artists to the 11th annual Festival of Pacific Arts.

Twenty-seven Pacific island countries and territories, including Guam, will gather in the Solomon Islands to share and exchange cultures. The two-week festival, which brings artists and cultural practitioners together, kicks off July 1.

It also will be an opportunity for Guam to learn the logistics behind the event. FestPac takes place every four years and Guam will host the gathering in 2016.

Today, you can catch a preview of the delegation's performances in a showcase that begins at 11 a.m. at the University of Guam field house. It will be a mix of literary and performance artist acts, which haven't been seen yet on island, says Monica Guzman, chair of the Guam delegation.

"Guam's involvement is crucial, instilling a sense of pride in delegates, as well as exposing them to other cultures in the Pacific cultures," she says. "They're sharing in the beauty of individual cultures and the similarities of our cultures."