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Ocean explorer returns for Swains expedition

Ocean explorer Jean Michel Cousteau will visit American Samoa next month to undertake an expedition to Swains Island. His father was also a famous ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau.


The American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau says the expedition which is at the invitation of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa and the Jennings Family from Swains Island will take place from August 24-27.


The visit will have two missions, the first is to survey the brackish water lagoon in the center of the island to see if it holds any traditional Polynesian voyaging artifacts. This will be done by a group of marine archaeologists using side sonar equipment.


The second mission is to assess the potential economic potential of the islands diverse marine life, according to the Visitor’s Bureau e-newsletter released last week.


Jean Michel, founder of “Ocean Futures Society” whose mission is to protect and educate the world of the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on the planet, is known for his multi-year documentary film series ‘Ocean Adventures’ with PBS television network.