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Ocean Center holds \Festival of Sites\ today

 The Tauese P. Sunia Ocean Center will be holding today a special program for the community to come and enjoy. Called the “Festival of Sites” the Ocean Center will host cultural demonstrations, entertainment and information about the Marine Sanctuaries, which are protected for generations to come by federal law and traditional folkways and mores, according to an announcement from the center.


Coconut husking, hat and “mailo” weaving, group dance performances by Swains Islanders and the American Samoa Community College Ukulele Boys will be part of the festivities, with radio host Diehl “the real deal” Langkilde and Miss American Samoa, Arielle Maloata handling MC honors.


The beautiful Polynesian sounds of David and Dalen Jennings will also be there for an “Island Jam” or two.


The Festival of Sites kicks off at 8:30 am this morning and finishes at 1:45 pm with a Samoan Taualuga.


Also this morning in the town area is a free concert by elementary school performers. The 13th Annual Elementary School Music Festival will be presented by the Department of Education at the Samoana High School gym beginning at 9 a.m.


Bring the family, bring your cameras, and join the fun in the town area.