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NZ Crips member loses murder appeal

A member of the Tongan Crips gang who ordered the killing of a rival gang member in prison has failed in his bid to overturn his conviction.Siuaki Lisiate was sentenced to life in prison in December 2011 after he arranged the execution of Bloods gang member, Samoan Tue Fa'avae.Lisiate used text messages to order fellow Crips Eneasi Finua and another man, who can't be named for legal reasons, to kill Fa'avae.The pair enticed Fa'avae into Finua's cell before strangling him and breaking his neck.Fa'avae's body was then dragged to the showers and mutilated.During the trial, the court heard the murder was revenge for Fa'avae's celebration of a recent bashing killing of Headhunters gang member Lava Savelio.The Crown used text messages from Lisiate to establish his involvement in the killing.Lisiate was convicted of murder by a jury and has appealed his guilty finding on several grounds, including that the trial judge should not have given a crown translator and a detective \expert\ status.But the New Zealand Court of Appeal on Thursday dismissed Lisiate's appeal, saying there had been no objection to the admission of evidence by the translator or the detective during the trial.