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Despite the administration building going up in smoke during her first year as Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School (NVTHS) principal and the many challenges of preparing for accreditation during her second year, Saouila Fanene Kava told education and government leaders, school alumni, friends and families who attended yesterday's celebrations that this year, her third year, NVTHS is slowly reaping the fruits of their hard labor.

Mrs Kava said she arrived at NVTHS with ambitions of being a positive influence in the lives of the students and to perpetuate the positive aspects of the school.

“We are sitting on a gold mine, figuratively speaking, and I am reminded that this school is the best kept secret but now it’s high time to make this trade school deserving and why not a world class trade school with state of the art facilities, state of the art equipment and tools and specialized training for both students and teachers”, said Kava.

Welding teacher Mr Anetone Fuga, of Pago Pago was honored with the Distinguished Service Award, presented by Acting Governor Faoa Aitofele Sunia, for his many years of selfless service at NVTHS. Mrs. Kava hailed Fuga as a pioneer, an icon and a hero of the vocational school's trade program.

 Enesi Enesi, a former NVTHS principal (2001-2004), was the keynote speaker. He said he never called the NVTHS Wild Cats, because he didn’t’ want the students to be wild; he called them Wise Cats. Enesi said as long as you believe we can raise the standard, we can. He recalled that many people had little regard for NVTHS, even the Department of Education, but the school is still progressing 27 years later. He told the NVTHS students that if they believe they can move forward, and work hard to move forward, they will move forward.  

Master of ceremonies Vice Principal Tupa’i Roderick Atafua asked Acting Governor Sunia to please be mindful that NVTHS is the only public high school that has yet to have a gymnasium.

Mrs Kava recalled NVTHS first being known as a skill center in 1980. “Students taking applied tech courses at the various high schools in the territory would go to NVTHS to learn the trades…”.

The annual Trade Fair is the highlight of the senior class showcasing their projects and what they have learned from their trade classes, said Mrs Kava. She added “As we remember the good things from the past, reflecting on what we have accomplished in the present, we look forward to the future for