Gov approves use of public facilities by campaigns


Gov. Togiola Tulafono supports the use of government owned parks and public facilities for political functions and rallies. Speaking on his weekend radio program,

Togiola says there are not that many available facilities that can accommodate a large number of people, to hear issues by candidates so voters are well informed during an election year.

He says the use of government facilities has been criticized in past gubernatorial races, and he didn’t say much because he was a candidate at the time. But since he is barred by law from seeking a third term in office, Togiola says it was time give his view on the use of government facilities for campaign purposes.

Togiola says his personal belief is that any government assets such as land, parks and facilities - including buildings - which can be utilizing for campaign purposes should be used. He says the main goal as he sees it, is to ensure that there is government property available for use by candidates to tell voters about their background, their platforms and future plans for the territory.  He said voters needs to know and understand each candidate before making that final decision on election day.

Meanwhile, the governor has urged all candidates to ensure peace and harmony during this election year and to emphasize this message to their campaign committee members.

Read details in tomorrow’s edition.


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