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Hawkeye: Countdown to November

“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.”

Good day to all fans and kind readers of Hawkeye on this most beautiful Saturday morning in Hooterville.

Hawkeye was watching the first day of the DNC, and managed to catch the “Fust Lady’s” tear jerking speech. She really brought the house down as did the Little Castro Boy who delivered the Keynote Speech. Hawkeye had a hard time keeping the tears from his one good eye as time and again he heard of the hardships faced by getting into America the hard way. [Swimming the Rio-Grande] We must keep it clean though folks as we all wish for different outcomes in November. One thing we will not be able to stand is more of the same old s#&t, “Hopey Changy!” We cannot stand for more Hope & Change. We have that already. We need some new promises to keep our minds out of the gutter.

It is nice to watch all the various speeches however at one point or another they all start to run together as one big lengthy sentience! Then it begins to get boring, and along with boredom comes the tossing of rotten eggs and Chicken Manure! Over.

Both LBJ and Regan would roll over and kick the Cedar Slats out of their worm proof Caskets should they be forced to listen to the crap that is being spread today in the political circles.

Speaking of political circles, Hawkeye read off the list of wanna Be politicians for the Wonderland elections. This is bound to prove to be interesting at best.

There are many to choose from, and all are intelligent enough to lead Hooterville in to a Range War. Keep up the countdown to November, and in the interim do not founder yourselves on Turkey Tails, and Lamb Flaps! Remember to think before you vote!

Hawkeye and Leanor have been discussing Global Warming and the Green-House effect. It will be good to have the greenhouse effect, then you can grow plants and vegatables year round. Hawkeye has this to contribute to the so called greenhouse effect and the global warming that goes with it.

We Homo-sapiens have been polluting the air around us for so long that we have had a natural shelter from the Sun’s Rays. By all of the aggressive Pollution cleanup that has been undertaken over the last couple of decades by the EPA, Presidential Administrations, and Girl Scout Troops, Hawkeye fears that we are Crapping in our own “Mess Kits!” Jesus put the Oil and other Petroleum products where we could gain access to it without too much effort. We have enough Oil right in the Good Old USA to wean us off foreign oil for generations to come. We could at the same time gain jobs for our Illegal citizenry, and wean them off of welfare and food stamps.

All at the same time we could begin to close up the man made Holes in the Ozone Layer and in doing so would halt and reverse the Green House effect, and the Global Warming. Hawkeye for one would like to see the Polar Bears remain at the Nawth Pole and in doing so will keep Sara Palin Happy! Hawkeye for years thought that the Nawth & Sout Poles were Dance Studios! The bottom line is that we are hastening the demise of the great Homo-sapien race by listening to the bleeding hearts that are against drilling for oil! And what is wrong with using Coal for fueling our Power Plants?  Hawk & Leanor seen with their own eyes right on their TV, Made in China, where there was this power cord that was plugged directly in to a piece of Coal. Hawkeye wasn’t sure, but he thinks the lady was running her Blender!

The bottom line here is that we should allow Nature to take its course. We had best hope that our Range Rover on the Estete, {State} of Mars does not encounter someone or something who knows better how to operate “Curiosity” than we do! One day we will be getting XXX Photos of the Native Martians and they might not be green as we have been led to believe for all these years! Over! There is one thing for certain: The Martians aren’t likely to use “Curiosity” for a “Lawn Mower!”

Our Torrential Rains, {“Temu Tele”} have been wreaking havoc with our Hooterville roads of late. It is somewhat like the Little Ole Lady that lived in the Shoe: She had so many “Potholes that she didn’t know what to do!” er-ah, that ain’t right! Hawkeye wants to visit the various campaign rallies between now and the great day when we are allowed to actually go in to the pool booths and make our call.. This is one of the many freedoms that we are afforded under the democratic umbrella. This day comes only every 2-4 years fans. Let’s make the best of it!

Hawkeye wants the job of asking those fish where they are from: The ones that are supposed to be caught in the Cook Islands.. Humm..

Until Next week, Love to all from:

Hawk & Sweet Leanor