Central Bank reports drop in Samoa tourism earnings

The Central Bank of Samoa (C.B.S.) reports visitor spending decreased by $2.2 million tala last November due to “large drop” in earnings from genuine holidaymakers.

According to its Visitor Earnings and Remittances Report for the month, the total number of visitor arrivals decreased by 10.5 per cent to 8,937 and was 5.5 per cent lower than at the same time the year before.

This led to a decline in total visitor earnings, with a comparative analysis showing the bulk of visitor earnings coming from those visiting friends and relatives. “Underpinning this month’s lower arrivals by market were reduced number of travellers from New Zealand, Europe and ‘other countries’,” the report reads. “While all other source countries trended upwards.

“For arrivals by purpose, the decline stemmed from reductions in those here on ‘holiday’, ‘business and conference’ and ‘other’ purposes.

“Furthermore, total visitor revenue in November 2013 decreased 8.8 per cent, $2.2 million, to $23.2 million, despite a 1.9 per cent hike in average spending per visitor. “However, when compared to November 2012, total visitor earnings were 6.0 per cent, $1.5 million, lower.” The Bank reports that in November 2013 arrivals from New Zealand declined by 27 per cent. “Contributing to the drop in total visitor earnings in November 2013 was a $2.9 million decrease in proceeds from the New Zealand market to $10.1 million,” the C.B.S says. “This was a result of a 27.0 per cent drop in arrivals despite its average spending increasing by 6.6 per cent.


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