ASTCA CEO sacked then ordered reinstated


Late Friday, rumors were circulating that American Samoa Telecommunications Authority CEO Moefauo William Emmsley was terminated during a special Board meeting held Friday afternoon at the Governor’s Office conference room. The rumors were confirmed by two board members.
Samoa News understands during the meeting, there was a motion to terminate the CEO, which was carried with a vote of four “yeas” and three “nays”.
However, the Board was then asked by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to give Moefauo another chance, given that all Cabinet members are given two years to prove themselves in their post. Samoa News understands the governor’s request came after the board meeting.
Samoa News was also told the Board has not met again to ‘reinstate’ Moefauo, but it will probably do so in the near future.
Moefauo told Samoa News Friday evening he heard he had been terminated, but he was not informed officially of any decision by the ASTCA Board, however he’s puzzled as to why the board members voted to terminate him, yet they have not once cited or reproached him in any way. 
Samoa News notes that late Friday evening,  the ASTCA CEO was seen still driving his ASTCA vehicle.
Chairman of the ASTCA Board Roy Hall declined to comment on the matter.


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