JSA scholarships for Winter Congress awarded

(L-r) JSA's US Territories Program Director Ed Banayat, Blanche Tua, JSA Winter Congress scholarship recipients Demelio Tua (sophomore - Kanana Fou High School) and Uila Lefiti (sophomore - Samoana High School), Oge Lefiti, and Tapuitea McMullin, assistant to the DOI’s Office of Insular Affairs’ field representative who will also be chaperoning Tua and Lefiti to the Winter Congress. [courtesy photo]

Demelio Tua and Uila Lefiti have been awarded scholarships to attend the Junior Statesmen of America’s Winter Congress set to be held in Washington D.C from February 21-23.
According to the Junior Statesmen Foundation, the program, called Congress 2014, “offers high school students the unique opportunity to learn more about our nation’s legislative process by emulating it themselves.”
During the Winter Congress, participants will write the bills, cast the votes, and make the laws. It is a student-run simulation of what happens in the Nation’s Capitol.
Funding for the scholarships was provided by the Department of Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs, and the money covers travel expenses, accommodations, registration fees, and meal stipends during the Winter Congress.


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