ASPA’s “approved budget” included in FY 2013 Budget

Is it a submission or an FYI only?

American Samoa Power Authority’s budget for fiscal year 2013 is more than $115 million with 485 employees but how the Fono will deal with the ASPA budget remains unclear following a turf war between lawmakers and ASPA board and management, who insist its within its legal rights to have its final budget “board approved” — needing no approval from the Fono.

The ASPA budget is included in the FY 2013 Budget Book that was sent yesterday to the Fono, but with Gov. Togiola Tulafono’s cover letter for the ASG budget submission identifying ASPA’s budget as an “approved budget” — Samoa News is unable to say if the ASPA budget is a submission or a “for your information only” item.

According to the cover letter,  ASPA’s approved budget helped “spike” revenues under the Enterprise Fund, comprised of the revenue-making government entities.

The budget document states that ASPA’s FY 2013 budget totals $115.45 million with 485 employees, compared to the $118.47 million with 483 workers in the current fiscal year and $108.56 million in “actual expenditures” in FY 2011.

Not clearly identified in the ASPA budget is whether or not revenues collected in the new fiscal year include proposed rate hikes to go into effect on Oct. 1 on monthly customer service charges, base water rate, ground water contamination abatement charges and solid waste collection fees.


ASPA has set this division's budget at $58.77 million and the largest budget allocation of $40.59 million is for “materials & supplies” followed by contractual services at $7.05 million; personnel costs at $5.14 million and the rest for travel, ‘all others’ and equipment budget categories.

Funding sources include $47.55 million in “electric rates & other revenue”; $9.22 million in federal operating grants from the Department of Interior (DOI), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other funding sources; $40,000 in stimulus money and $300,000 in other income.

Also noted in the Electric Division’s budget is an allocation of $1.46 million as subsidy to fund operations for Water, Wastewater & Solidwaste divisions.

The materials & supplies budget item totals $40.59 million, the budget document says, $36.40 million is allocated to “fuel for generators” and the rest of the money covers the usual supplies such as spare parts for generators, materials for power line repairs, and cleaning materials and supplies.

Under “Contractual Service” budget item, the largest amount of $6.50 million is grant funding for FEMA funded projects followed by $125,000 to cover expenses for a turbocharge trainer; National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit - which is required under the federal Clean Water Act - to be carried out by New Zealand based Envirolab Geotest Ltd.; and cylinder heads repair services, etc.

ASPA has also allocated $17,500 for “road restorations” and this money is to fix roads cut by ASPA crew for underground repairs.


This division has a budget of $34.41 million to be funded with $34.36 million in fuel sales and $47,000 in other income.  The largest expenditure is $28.59 million under “material & supplies” budget item followed by $5.54 million for “all others”,

According to the budget document, Material & Supplies budget includes “petroleum product purchases”:  marine diesel at $19.85 million; $4.81 million for unleaded gasoline; $1.71 million for other marine diesel; $776,940 for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel; $749,520 for boilers/generators diesel;  $603,196 for road diesel; and is $74,360 for kerosene.

The largest expenditure in “All others” is $4.25 million for “fixed fees” for wharfage & tonnage, terminal base rental, supplemental base rent, terminal operation fee, excise tax, and ASG terminal fee.


Of the total budget of $10.02 million for this division, $7.64 million in revenues comes from “water rates”; $3.54 million in federal grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and DOI Capital Improvement Project while $180,000 is from other income.

In expenses, the largest expenditure of $2.92 million is for contractual service, which covers among other things, $2.61 million (in grant funded water projects) for inspection construction, test new pipelines and water tanks, water system design, etc.

Under the “All others” budget item, the largest expense is $2.18 million to cover electricity costs to run water pumps, treatment plants and offices.


Wastewater’s budget stands at $7.69 million funded with $2.41 million in ASG wastewater subsidy ($50,000 per month); $65,000 in revenues from wastewater rates; $959,000 in DOI-CIP money; $3.95 million in USEPA-CIP; $161,000 in FEMA funds and the rest from miscellaneous revenues (such as new connections) and interdivisional subsidy.

The division’s largest expense is $4.03 million in contractual services followed by personnel costs at $2.10 million and the rest for equipment, travel and materials and supplies.

According to the budget document, $3.72 million under contractual service is for contract work for all CIP grant funded projects. Other expenditures include repairs to failed pump motors, pipe inspection and technical training.


Of the total budget of $4.74 million for this division, $1.28 million goes to personnel costs; $2.45 million in equipment; and the rest for materials & supplies, contractual service, travel and all others.

Funding source comes from $2.46 million in rates; $2.02 million in DOI contribution for recycling project and equipment while the rest comes from interdivisional subsidy and miscellaneous revenue.


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