Sex offender gives bizarre excuse

A 25-year-old's bizarre explanation that he offended sexually to get deported from New Zealand to Samoa will pay off - but only after he has served a two-year four-month jail term.

Matthew Sua has spent so long in custody on remand that after his Christchurch District Court sentencing today he may only have to wait one more month before his case comes before the Parole Board.

Judge Jane Farish explained to him: "The Parole Board will decide whether to release you to be deported, or whether they wish you to receive treatment."

Sua has behaved well during his 11 months in custody so far, and has made a great improvement in his English language studies through classes in prison.

He told the judge about his claim that the offending was a bid to be deported in a letter that was handed in at the sentencing by defence counsel Phillip Allan today.

Sua has no previous convictions. He came to New Zealand in 2007 and has been living with family and working since then. At his first court appearance last year he was served with a notice by Immigration New Zealand that he would be deported to Samoa immediately at the end of any prison term imposed.

He has since admitted two indecent assaults and a burglary charge. The case was delayed while the police increased one of the charges to sexual violation - which carries a much heavier penalty - but the charge was eventually reduced again to indecent assault.

The offending occurred on February 13, 2013, when Sua followed and groped a woman cyclist who had had an accident on her bicycle and was injured.


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