ASPA linemen kept busy restoring power through the weekend


American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) linemen were kept busy this weekend working to restore electricity in areas affected by power outages. ASPA CEO Utu Abe Malae told Samoa News there were six outages in various areas.
Samoa News understands the affected areas were Ili’ili, Nu’uuli, Faleniu and Fagatogo and in Ili’ili there were two power outages on Sunday.
The first outage in Ili’ili occurred early Sunday morning and lasted for about 45 minutes, however during the second outage the power went off for about five hours — from 4:45p.m. to 9:45p.m.
In response to Samoa News queries Utu stated that the first outage in Ili’ili was caused by a fault that was located and fixed.  ”Then when the entire area was re-energized another fault occurred that took much longer to isolate.”
Utu explained that the western feeders are the worst ones to be affected by the extended rain and bad weather.
He said the components on the distribution system are failing one by one and the faults are difficult to locate, which was why the linemen were out checking the system throughout the day.
Ottoville resident, Oreta Tauiliili, contacted Samoa News yesterday commending ASPA’s line crew who were out in the rain trying to get the power on in her area.
“When the power goes off during bad weather, those working with the electrical wires should be very cautious because it’s then that its more dangerous; and I want to personally thank Utu and the ASPA crew for going out in the bad weather to get the power on for the public,” she said, adding that hopefully, there will no more outages in this bad weather.


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