HAWKEYE: All Serious Daring starts from within!

“All know the way. Few actually walk it”

Good morning to friends and fans of Hawkeye.
Another glorious week has passed, and left us with both good and bad memories to ponder and wonder over another New Year in Greater Hooterville. Things have been so blissful with Hawkeye that he won’t even bother to mention the low points of his week.
Nelson Mandela has been laid quietly to rest after a 95 year journey through troubled times. Although some would say that he was a radical person, and a communist, it is quite clear that there are others in public office throughout the world that think and speak differently of him. This was well manifested by all the world leaders both past and present that visited the most impressive ceremony that was held for Mandela to commemorate his passing.
And then of course the Co-star of Fast and Furious Mr. Walker who bit the bullet in a car accident. Perhaps he was practicing for another episode when things went dreadfully wrong! His F & F Buddy, VIN Diesel said he will be missed. It is also said that Mr. Walkers Brother will take his place in future episodes, and therefore the show will and must go on!
Hawkeye dreamed of his old redneck daddy over the weekend. He never forgets his old man’s fear of a Russian Invasion. He was a believer that the cold war would do nothing but strengthen the “Iron Curtain” which was a threat to the free world until Jimmy Carter came along. He scared the wits out of the communist Bloc Regime in the Southern States such as New Hampshire, Nevada, and Bloomsburg Mississippi!
Hawkeye’s dad was one that thought that the American Civil War was being fought in Russia in order to clear out all the Commies! Little did he know that Valatimere Putin would be waging his own little war against Gays in his country? Hawkeye wonders if this is a show of masculinity on Putin’s part to make up for the fact that he is gay. He rides around bareback on a Rhino, and captures big old fish, and beats up on women who like to call themselves “The Kitty Kats.” He even sent two of these said women to prison!
The more noise one makes the less the heat that he has to endure in order to survive the political world! While Hawkeye has certainly never been openly accused of being Queer, he has nothing against those who choose this way of life. Each to their own, live & let live etc. etc. Hawkeye was conversing lightly with a negative sounding Palagi [Old White Woman.] one day last week.
The fellow was one of these Palagi that give Palagi’s like Hawkeye a bad name. He said that he was half Native American, and that he figured that he fits right in over here in paradise.
Hawkeye told him that he is half Indian, and that he feels like he fits right in over here considering that he has been here pressing 30 years. Hawkeye told the Guy that one of the first things he did when he arrived, was to find out where the departure lounge was at the “Malae Vailele.” [Airport]
The planes do fly both ways, and the choice is that of the individual, like it or not! The fellow was pissing & moaning about how the local Government never changes. He said it only gets worse! Hawkeye pointed out that he just contradicted himself by saying the government never changes, then turned right around and said it only gets worse! Hell, as far as Hawkeye is concerned, getting worse is a change! For better or for worse, like it or leave it! We see these people {Homos} running around with long faces, complaining about the weather whether it is raining, sun shiny, snowing, or sleeting. You just cannot please these Homo-sapiens, so Hawkeye says, the hell with them! Who needs it? Over.
Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor had a wonderful visit with old friends that they hadn’t seen for ages. A big Malo to the Poysky’s No’s 1 & III, and May all of your chillen be bone naked!  Good friends are few and far between this day & age folks, so cherish them while ya have them!
Hawkeye has been wondering just what is happening with the Airport Road Project? This project must be breaking a record by now! Perhaps we should just give it back to Whitehorn Construction and let em have at it. One way or another, get the dammed road finished!
And what’s this all about a “White Santa Clause?” Of course Santa is white! If one wishes for him to be White, he will appear as white. If one wishes for their Santa Clause to be Black, then he will by all means appear as Black!
Hawk will leave it at this until next week.
Keep your Chickens in the Corral, and your cattle over their own buckets.
With Love,
Leanor and Sweet Hawkeye. Er, ah…
Disclaimer ~ The opinions and beliefs expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Samoa News.


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