President Obama and family heading off to Hawaii for annual holiday break

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - President Obama and family will be heading to Hawaii today.

This will be the First Family's sixth Christmas in Hawaii since he was elected president, and keeping with tradition they are expected to spend it in Kailua.

Every year the Obamas have rented a few houses on Kailuana Place – creating quite the buzz in the beach side community.

"It's exciting. It's really an honor to have him here, and when he's around – actually the place is super safe because we have all this security around," said Lanette Hayashi, who lives in the neighborhood where the Obamas are expected to stay again this year.

"We go through two security points and so the second one, we have to get out of our car. We have to be searched ourselves, plus our car has to be completely searched," described Madeline, who has lived on the same street where the Obama's have been renting for more than four decades.

Norman Asing has been working in the neighborhood for years, and is already preparing for the First Family's anticipated arrival.

"One time they stopped me – they opened up my gas cap to look into the lawn mower," Asing described with a smile.

He says the heightened security is to be expected and he simply works around it.

"One time I was doing the lawn and security walked with me up and down the lawn," he recalled with a laugh.

"It's one thing that you got to put up with until he leaves and then everything goes back to normal, but other than that people are excited when he's here, you know?" Asing said.

When the President visits, the canal running through the Kailuana Street neighborhood is off limits. During his stay, it's patrolled by Navy seals and a Coast Guard cutter is positioned in the bay. It's just one of the many security measures put in place, including military blockades on the beach and security checkpoints along the street where he stays.


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