ASG Clean Up field day slated for Christmas Eve

A commitment to maintain the island’s beauty

American Samoa Government employees will have another clean up field day on Christmas Eve, (Tuesday, Dec. 24) making it the last clean up before the new year. This is one of several times government employees have gotten their hands dirty picking up trash since the Lolo and Lemanu Administration took over.
“We have a commitment to maintain our surroundings and our environment to recapture the pristine quality of our island. We have invested funds to ensure that this objective is implemented and sustained,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga in a general memorandum issued for the field day.
The governor said it’s given each and every person a sense of wellness and serenity to exist in a clean and healthy environment and it’s most fitting and appropriate during the holidays, while preparing for Christmas.
He further stated that he has attempted to protect the collective perception of Christmas — that of doing something good for someone else — along with the commitment to maintain the island’s physical beauty, which in essence supports this mantra.
The governor instructed that all agencies of the Executive Branch will engage in the general clean up from 9am-11am.
“All agencies are assigned to clean up the shoreline fronting the Pago Pago Park starting from the new Development Bank building to the old Korea House site— DBAS, TAOA, DHS, DPS Marine Patrol and DMWR.”


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