Samoa Court: Lotto cash was taken from tin

A former supervisor used to “loan” money to her relatives from a tin of petty cash kept at the Samoa Sportslotto, a witness told the Supreme Court this week.Theft charges against a former supervisor of Samoa Sportslotto, Nora Neemia, are ongoing at the Supreme Court.Ms. Neemia faces 50 charges of theft as services and has pleaded not guilty to the allegations against her.Around $42,000 is alleged to have been stolen.The hearing, which commenced on Tuesday, is being presided over by Supreme Court Justice Pierre Slicer.The defendant is represented by defence lawyer Tima Leavai.Prosecuting lawyer is Leinafo Taimalelagi.On Friday morning Fevaai Toala another employee from Samoa Sportslotto was called to give evidence for that matter.In 2009, she was working with the defendant at the Avau Store in Salelologa, Savai’i.She confirmed the general procedure at the end of each day for handling cash, including taking a balance from the cash register and an auto-audit to Ms. Neemia.Ms. Neemia was responsible for checking all the returns.Mrs. Toala told the court that Ms. Neemia Nora looked after all cash and any documents for the office.She also looked after any bonus money.Mr. Taimalelagi asked the witness “While you were working for the Avau Branch in 2009 did you notice anything she was not doing right at Samoa Sportslotto?She answered, “Yes.”Can you please explain?“She was using the money”, said the witness.“Can you explain what you mean, she uses the money?”Mr. Taimalelagi asked. Mrs. Toala answered that it was “Nora’s family - every week Nora’s family came to the branch and borrowed money.”The defendant would “borrow” the money from inside a tin for the Samoa Sportslotto petty cash.

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