ASPA makes major electricity improvements on Aunu’u


The American Samoa Power Authority has completed some major electric infrastructure on Aunu’u with the work completed this week, including the replacement of old electric poles with new poles throughout the entire island-village.
Residents told Samoa News how happy they are with the major change in infrastructure which included putting up new streetlights. One resident says that this change prevents the past problem families faced with having evening prayers in the dark, because the electricity is out most of the time.
Happy with ASPA’s hardworking crew, who were on Aunu’u for about three weeks, families started taking turns providing food for them, according to residents, adding that this was clearly to show their appreciation.  It is also an old Samoan tradition of “fafaga” or providing food.
An ASPA crewmember told Samoa News that the team deployed from Tutuila was under the leadership of Pulemau Sei and Elia Iese.
Rep. Talaimatai Elisara Su’a, whose district includes Aunu’u, confirmed ASPA’s work has been completed and is beneficial to the community. For example, he pointed to the new and replaced electric poles with streetlights, which are now working well “lighting up the entire village at night”.
Talaimatai expressed gratitude to ASPA executive director Utu Abe Malae and the board of directors as well as the crew for their hard work and for responding to the call for help. He also confirmed that the new generators for the island are preventing the ongoing problem of constant power outages experienced in previous years.


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