Samoa police concerned over rise in accidents

This year may be the “worst” on record for accidents, according to police.

Two young men who died after the pickup they were sitting at the back of flipped are the latest deaths in what police are viewing with growing concern.

“It’s speed,” said Fauono Talalelei Tapu, media officer for Police when asked about the main factor in the rising death toll.

Official figures could not be confirmed because Police are still finalising statistics for this year but Fauono said that by comparing other years, 2013 could be the worst in terms of accidents causing death and injury.

Speed came down to one simple fact.“Its human error.”

Errors of judgement were often made after drinking alcohol, he said.

“It’s simple as that, if you abide by the road rules, nothing will happen,” said Fauono.

The Ministry of Police and Prisons are advising the public to abide by road rules, because the law is very clear, if you drink you don’t drive.

And it’s everybody’s duty when using the roads.

“It is not the driver’s duty alone, because sometimes the driver is really sober but the pedestrian can be very careless.”

He also said there are complaints that have been lodged where pedestrians cross the road without looking and swear at drivers who get too close.

But the rules are there that vehicles are registered to drive on the road, so pedestrian should stop before crossing the road and wait until the road is clear.

Samoa can be a safer country if everybody works together, he said.


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