Leone High School’s JV QB Sophomore – Aleipata Fereti, a former AYFS All Star player and former Vikings player is Player of the Week in Week 9 of ASHSAA football season. ASHSAA ‘13 football highlights are brought to you by GHC Reid and Co. Ltd, Oloa o Leala, exclusive distributors of Coca Cola and Powerade — your family of fine beverages. [photo: TG]

Week No.9 of the ongoing American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Football Season clearly gave Leone High School this year’s Championship title in the Junior Varsity Division, as they are the only team in the Division — with just one more game to go — with an undefeated record for the 2013 season. 
The JV game between the Leone Lions and the Fagaitua Vikings was ASHSAA’s only football game held this past weekend due to the Moso’oi Festivities, which were sports events, i.e. volleyball, cricket and rugby, that took place on island.
ASHSAA ‘13 football highlights are brought to you by GHC Reid and Co. Ltd, Oloa o Leala, exclusive distributors of Coca Cola and Powerade — your family of fine beverages.
Leone 42 - Fagaitua 8
The Lions continued rule of the JV division is in large part due to their having the fastest player in the division — Folasa Vili. Vili scored the majority of Leone’s points against the Vikings this past Thursday evening.
However, Jeremiah Pritchard and Aleipata Fereti were also ‘fear factors’ in this game. And a big plus for the JV Lions is the decision by Leone’s Head Coach Arona Samoa to make the former Vikings star — Fereti — quarterback for the Lions.
Leone has one more game to go, and as far as this correspondent can see: they are going to win their last game against the Sharks, in order to roar this season closed with an ‘undefeated’ championship title.
Samoa News JV Player of the Week
Samoa News has selected Leone High School’s QB Sophomore – Aleipata Fereti, who is a former AYFS All Star player, and former Vikings player, who is now decked out in his shiny green and gold uniform, throwing touchdown passes and leading the Lions to a Junior Varsity Championship title — breaking Tafuna High School’s long reign of back to back championships.

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A look at this year’s 2013 ASHSAA Football Junior Varsity Champions, the Leone Lions, pride of the West who claimed this year’s title. For 5 years in a row, Tafuna High School ruled this division. Leone lost to Tafuna once last year, but this year, Tafuna hasn’t been able to solve the Leone mystery, as the Lions remain undefeated, with one more game left to bag the season. [photo: TG]
Leone High School’s Football Coaching Staff, managing both the JV and Varsity Division for the Lions. They are very proud of their Junior Varsity team as they have claimed this year’s ASHSAA JV Championship title for this years 2013 ASHSAA Football Season. — with still only one game left in the JV season. [photo: TG]


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