Brotherly love?

A young man’s bizarre plot to be reunited with his twin brother surfaced in the District Court yesterday.

It happened when 25-year-old Ameto Taua, of Faleula and Leauva’a, appeared before Her Honour Judge Mata Tuatagaloa to face charges of throwing stones and uttering insulting words.

In what would have to be one of the more unusual cases to be presented before Her Honour Judge Tuatagaloa, the Police told the Court that Ameto committed the offense because he wanted to be together with his brother, Soli Taua.

Soli is already serving a three-year sentence for a crime that was not disclosed yesterday.

According to Police, Ameto was hoping that the Judge would send him to Tafa’igata.

The summary of facts shows that members of the village reported the defendant to the Police on 2 October 2013 after he committed the offence.

Ameto was arrested and charged with throwing stones and using insulting words. His behavior followed a night of drinking alcohol with friends.

As he was waiting for his Court appearance, the defendant was held in Police custody for two weeks.

In Court, he pleaded guilty to the charges.

During sentencing, Her Honour Judge Tuatagaloa asked the prosecution if Ameto was one of the set of twins that when one is incarcerated, the other commits a crime so they could be together.

Prosecutor Filipo Va’a said yes.

He also told the Court that the twin brothers had a long history of criminal offences.


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