Hawaiian Air cleared for TSA pre-check in Hawai’i


Hawaiian Airlines says its selected passengers are now being directed to expedited U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security lanes at the airline’s airport ticket lobbies in Honolulu, Kahului and Lihue airports in the Aloha State.
New TSA Pre✓™ (pre-check) lanes at the three airports have entered their first full week of service, allowing passengers identified as low-risk to clear security without removing their shoes, coats, belts, liquids or laptop computers.
The airline says it is participating in the TSA effort to move passengers through airport security more quickly, alleviating bottlenecks that slow the check-in process. The airline has two pre-check lanes at the Honolulu International Airport.
Hawaiian’s president and CEO, Mark Dunkerley says these lanes “will greatly enhance our guests’ boarding experience.”
As a partner in the TSA  program, Hawaiian says it will ensure that travelers selected for expedited screening will receive a boarding pass marked with the Pre✓™ logo upon check-in at Hawaiian Airlines’ self-serve check-in kiosks.
This week, the TSA is also opening pre-check lanes at Hawaiian Airlines checkpoints at Sacramento International Airport, Oakland International Airport, San Jose International Airport and San Diego International Airport.


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