Man jailed seven years in Samoa for incest and assault

A father has been jailed by His Honour Justice Vui Clarence Nelson for one count of incest, causing actual bodily harm and common assault.

The 42-year-old father was left to care for his six children after his wife left and later re-married.

The incident was reported to the police on the 7 August 2013, when the defendant assaulted his 17-year-old daughter, cutting her hair using a pair of scissors.

He then tied her to a post of their house where he continued to assault her.

Police told the Court that sometime in July this year, the defendant asked his daughter for sexual intercourse. She refused.

He did not accept her rejection, and thereafter forced her to perform oral sex and later on, sexual intercourse.

Justice Vui said the defendant was trying to blame his daughter for what had happened but he did not accept that excuse.

The defendant was taken into custody on the 7 August 2013 when police were contacted by relatives about the assault.


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