Bluesky rolls out three new Lifeline Plans — talk, text and mobile broadband

Customer Service Manager Sherry Sele and Marketing Lead, Neli Pilcher with members of the marketing team at the press conference announcing the Lifeline Plans for low-income earners. [photo: JL]

Bluesky Communications is having a double celebration, first with the launch of their three new Lifeline Plans for low-income earners and they also are commemorating National Customer Service Week. This was announced during a press conference led by Customer Service Manager Sherry Sele and Marketing Lead, Neli Pilcher at their main office at the Laufou Shopping Center.
Sele explained that “Lifeline” is a Federal entitlement program that gives significant discounted phone service plans to low-income residents who qualify. She explained that beginning October 11, 2013 Bluesky's new Lifeline Plans will feature local talk and text allotments. “One plan will also feature mobile broadband, a new milestone for Bluesky’s Lifeline program."
Now Bluesky Lifeline customers will have a product option that enables them to use Internet service on their phones.
She further explained that the new and improved Basic Lifeline Plan provides a set amount of completely free services to qualified low income residents, while other plans offer more benefits for just $2 and $9 a month.
There’s also a Lifeline Plan that if you’re eligible would cost $108 for the whole year where you would receive 150 free minutes, 150 free SMS and 150 data package including a free phone.
“Lifeline is an important part of our product offering so we are happy to be able to offer further discounts and now, mobile broadband to our Lifeline subscribers. Programs like Lifeline are important to our community as they make our services accessible to everyone, particularly during trying economic times, like we are currently facing,” said Sele.
She urged local residents who are interested in this Federal program to visit the Bluesky store at Laufou to speak with our representatives to determine eligibility. Local recipients of Social Security, LIHEAP, and ASNAP benefits are particularly encouraged to sign up for Lifeline at Bluesky as they automatically qualify for this entitlement.
She stated that the Lifeline program is not a new program and they are reviving it with other features. Sele also explained that this week, Bluesky is celebrating Customer Service Week a national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. Bluesky kicked off their Customer Service week with a wave and other activities involving their customers.


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